The Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation is a law that we must understand and apply and when we do apply it, we are going to find that the universe is very friendly towards us. The Law of Compensation states that the amount of money or goods you receive will be in direct ratio to the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there would be in replacing you. Think about that for a moment, the amount of money or the good you receive in life is going to be based on just three points, the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there will be in replacing you.

We are dealing in a world market today, with just a touch of a button away from anywhere in the world. We are able observe what is happening on the opposite side of the world at any moment in time, we can send a message to millions of people all at once by way of email, text messages, social media and more.

The world is changing so dramatically, and it is looking for effective people. Everyone is seeking some type of services. Think, is there a need for what you do? I would suggest there probably is. There is likely a great need for what you do, and generally there is no reason to create the need as it has always been there. (Point One: Need) Do you have the talent and ability to meet those needs? (Point Two: Ability) Finally, how good are you at doing what you do, how difficult would it be to replace you? (Point Three: Replaceable)

Most people generally just do enough to get by. Many only make an effort at work so they don't get fired. The company usually only pays them enough so they will not quit. None of that will work out for anyone involved! It is in violation of the Law of Compensation. This is where the second step, your ability to do it is going to take care of the third point. The difficulty there is in replacing you when you become effective at what you do, would be exceedingly high. This is when your value increases, you will find that there will be people waiting in line to employ your services.

If you make up my mind that you are going to learn how to communicate this to yourself more effectively, then your income will increase. Your customers will keep arriving. Decide to never stop attempting to improve the service you render. You will attract people that resonate with the service you provide because you are providing your absolute best service and strive to continually do it better.

You have infinite potential. No one knows what you are capable of achieving. You have approximately 11 million kilowatt hours per pound potential energy locked up in the electrons and the atoms of your body, your brain is a magnificent electronic switching station, and your central nervous system is the most phenomenal electrical system in the entire universe. Have you ever stopped and thought about the power that you represent?

The universe will give you whatever you asked for, but you must ask in the form of providing service. You get back exactly what you put out. When you put a lot out, you will get a lot back. Your compensation comes to you by law. As I mentioned, it is based on three factors, the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there would be in replacing you.

Now, I know you may have doubts. You may say, “well, if I do more, I am not necessarily going to get more”. Well, you may not get it from where you were working. It may come from somewhere else. You may be thinking, “but the company makes up their mind how much I'm going to earn”. No, they do not. You do not get compensated from the company; you get your compensation through the company. Your earnings come from an infinite source of supply, the Divine Source / The Universe.

Ask yourself how good am I at the services I provide? Could I get better at it, could I get a much better, how can I get better? Understand, you possess the potential. You have more power than you would ever utilize. Are you applying it? Who does a better job than you do? Are you studying those people, their lives, and what they do? Emulate them, do what they do, read the books they read.

The more you study this material, the better you will get at providing exceptional service. Remember, the Law of Compensation is based on three points, the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there is in replacing you. You will find that those three points will keep showing up in all your endeavors.

Repeat often; “I am going to get better every day at providing service” and your whole world will improve.

To your success!

Lee M. Jenkins

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