8-Steps to an Empowered Life

"Step one to success is cultivating your ability to recognize opportunities most people can't see"

Work to make a difference in this world. Focus on what you can control, focus on hope, your attitude, drive, willingness to hustle, and commitment to keeping an objective and empowered mindset.

 1. Open to possibilities.

You have the power and the responsibility to find that place inside of yourself where everything is possible. The more open you are to possibility, the more creative you become and the more expansive of a world you create for yourself to succeed in. Life is a direct reflection of your beliefs. If you want a better outcome, then create it. Your opportunities for new hope and change are boundless, and it all starts within you.

2. Focus on who you are.

When you shift your focus onto yourself and wholeheartedly live your answers, it is then that you are living a life of true authenticity and significance.

3. Run your own race.

It’s your life, so focus on your race. Empowerment has nothing to do with competition, it has everything to do with contribution.

4. Trust yourself.

Trust that you have what it takes to get the job done. Trust empowers you to move aggressively towards your goals. Your actions follow your thoughts. Shift all that time focusing on doubting yourself to believing in yourself. If you can dream something up, then it is in the realm of your possibility to make it happen.

5. Network.

To empower yourself, collaborate do not compete. Success is never a oneperson job. One of the smartest ways to move your mission forward is to network. Gather a team of people who have strengths to fill in where you have weaknesses. This allows you to delegate out to those who can best help you reach your goals.

6. Love what you do.

Passion trumps failure. Love is the most powerful of all the emotions, which is why truly empowered people work in careers they love. Most will do almost anything for love. There is nothing that can get in your way when you want something badly enough that you are willing do anything to get it.

7. Hold yourself with grace.

The success of any type will attract haters. Use grace. Let them say whatever they want. Stay the course.

8. Embrace imperfect moments.

The most empowered path to success comes through your experiences of failure. Without failure, you would have nothing to improve upon. Choose to evolve rather than dissolve under pressure. Your imperfect moments provide the perfect trajectory for your growth up the mountain of success you are climbing.

To live an empowered life of great significance be open to possibility, cooperation, education, success and understanding that success is not a one-person job. Love what you do so deeply that you are able to include others in your dream and empower them in their success. Love what you do so deeply that there will be no roadblock or hardship that will take you from your desired direction. You make the conscious choice to grow from the pressure to evolve yourself to that next level.