The Law of Forgiveness

This is one law that I believed I was aware of however it was just a few years ago when I had a serious health issue that I realized that I had a lot to learn. Now I paid a big price before I learned it, but when I did learn it, my whole world changed.

This is something that Bob Proctor shared and considering the events in my life I felt the need to share it with you.

“These are very bright. People must understand that 90% of all the scientists that ever lived are alive today, scientists accept the truth that the body of a human is moved by the mind that all its functioning is governed by a ruling thought, whether that thought is subjective or objective, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Those who study the mental processes find that all the conditions of the body are created and caused by the mind, it is known that creation in and every form is governed by and subject to a law. Hence when one misuses, inverts or violates a law, this mistake is called sin is interesting. A sin is a mistake, a misunderstanding, and a misjudgment, a mistake is falling short of or dissipating the law.

Whether that law be mechanical or spiritual correction is the only method of adjustment or of appeasing the law. Thus, repentance and forgiveness are the only means available to alter and correct that mistake.”

There is a basic law of life and that law states “create or disintegrate”. Disintegrate does not mean that you are just going to disappear, I am proof as I am still here. When the conversation comes to living or dying, it does not mean that your heart will stop beating and the blood stops flowing. It means that we are either moving ahead or we are moving backwards. Things are getting better or they are getting worse. If we violate the law, the price of sin is death meaning things are moving backwards. Things are not going to be as good as we want them to be. If we live in harmony with the law, we are going to witness things moving forward.

Forgiveness is an amazing lesson, it means to let go, to completely abandon. Start by forgiving yourself, you cannot change the past, what was done is done. There are many people who wander around day after day, even year after year with great feelings of guilt. Guilt and resentment are two of the most destructive emotions that you will ever experience.

Forgive means to let go of completely. Forgiving is an extremely healthy concept. We must learn to forgive ourselves and to forgive others. If someone else has done something to you, do not hold any resentment, let it go. That does not mean that you want to go and give them an opportunity to do it all over again, but you cannot hold bad thoughts in your mind.

There are many health issues such as abnormal tumours and cancers that can be linked back to a long period of suppressed grief and anxiety. Another way of saying this is that these serious health issues are due to sinful thoughts, getting bottled up and suppressed within our minds. This almost took my life, and I am hoping this blog might be a wake call to see if unforgiveness is destroying yours. The effect our emotions have upon our physical body could be devastating. Seek to overcome, abandon, and forsake every emotional tug that has a debilitating and disturbing effect.

Everything works from a higher to a lower potential. Use electricity as an example, we really do not know what electricity is, but we do know the laws by which it operates. If you want a greater flow of electricity, put in a bigger bulb, get a bigger transformer. The only limit placed on electricity is the limit that is placed on the form through which it is flowing. That is the same with us.

We work from a higher to a lower potential. Spirit always manifests through its polar opposite. You go from the non-physical to the physical, and we have been blessed with the ability to tap into a non-physical world, a world of thought, and we can choose those thoughts.

Viktor Frankl, author of “Man’s Search for Meaning” was a Viennese psychiatrist and spent many of the World War 2 years in a concentration camp. He said while he was in the camp, he realized that regardless of the physical or intellectual abuse that he was subjected to, no one could cause him to think something he did not want to think.

Guilt and resentment are without question two of the most destructive emotions that anybody can experience. We must learn to let it go and when or if it returns to our mind, let it go again, keep repeating until you have formed the habit of letting go. Do not hold on to anything that is causing you to feel uneasy or sad. Learn to love yourself, learn to respect yourself, have a healthy respect for what you are capable of doing and understand allowing bad thoughts to enter your mind about anyone or anything is not doing you or anyone else any good.

Unforgiveness is sinful, it is destructive, and the price of sin is death. Now that does not necessarily mean physical death, but it could mean the death of your business, your income, relationships, or your overall sense of wellbeing.  

Forgiveness will cause everything to grow. It is will cause you to be healthier, cause your income to grow, gain quality friends, grow your business, and much more. Forgive is a beautiful law, it means to let go of, completely abandon, and replace. Forgiveness needs to be a part of your journey, I did it (still a work in progress), and I am happier, healthier, and full of energy. I forgave myself and everyone else that occupied a bad place in my mind, you are capable of doing the same.

The Law of Forgiveness could be one of the greatest laws you study.

To your success!

Lee M. Jenkins

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