Higher Self

excerpt from "Abundance Tuning" book

This level of awareness comes from understanding the mind and translating deep understandings of the Universe. A knowledge that will take you on a trip within yourself and will not matter who you are. A senior executive may be possibly confronted with a severe challenge or a young single mother with children. A salesperson who is stuck can not see how to get sales going, an entrepreneur or an ordinary business person is feeling lost.

I can completely relate to how these individuals would be feeling. I started studying this material at a point in my life when I felt lost. You see, it does not matter where you are beginning. You can gain the understanding and awareness to tune into the abundant life you are seeking.

The fact that you are reading this shows your desire to create something new in your life, and  I am confident that a solid foundation of understanding will be found here. As you move along through this chapter, you will want to come back and reread it repeatedly because it will take on new meaning each time you do. You will gain awareness of that part of your mind where these fantastic elements reside, the function of your personality that you can use to accomplish anything you desire.

We can ask a five-year-old what their five physical senses are, and he or she will very quickly rattle off that they can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. We all know about our five senses, but when it comes time to understand the higher side of our nature, our spiritual and intellectual parts, most of us do not recognize that we simultaneously live on three planes of existence. We are spiritual beings gifted with an intellect, and we live in a physical body. The connection between our physical world and our spiritual world is our intellect.

You and I have been gifted with six intellectual faculties. Now, again, most of us understand what our five senses are. Still, if you were to ask a university graduate or a corporate CEO, what are the six intellectual faculties, if they had an answer, it would probably be simply a guess. Napoleon Hill had studied the lives of twenty-five thousand people over twenty years, and once completed, he wrote the fantastic book "Think and Grow Rich." In his book, he wrote about the Wright brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller. The greats, the true pioneers, some of the greatest thinkers and achievers of all time. And in that book, there is a chapter called specialized knowledge. Napoleon Hill wrote that it was not that they had an abundance of generalized or even specialized knowledge that led them to great success. It was that they had developed their intellectual faculties to such a degree that they could create, attract, manifest, or tune into anything they wanted without violating the rights of other people.

And again, do you know that most people have no clue about these six intellectual faculties or how we use them to design the life we want?

The masses use them unconsciously, if at all, and frequently use them in the wrong direction. My objective in writing this chapter is to help you understand each of these beautiful mental faculties that we have been gifted with, faculties that separate us from all of the rest of the animal kingdom, and we are going to become aware of how to use them.

Think of this for a moment. Do you know we are the only creature on the planet that is completely disoriented in our environment? All the rest are entirely at home in their environment. They blend in with their environment. However, we do not blend in, and that is because we have the gift of creation, and we can create our environment. Now that is a beautiful thing to know. We can create the world where we want to live. We have been given creative tools. We are creative beings. It is a beautiful thing to know and recognize that every day is like a lifetime in miniature. You have the power to create each new day as you choose then string those days together, causing a life lived the way you wanted.

Understanding your six intellectual faculties is the most essential information you will ever gather. It is about your creative faculties and what you can do with them. By the time you finish going through this chapter, you will like yourself so much better because the truth about the real you is incredible.

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