The Law of Increase

I am guessing you would like everything in your life to increase. I am guessing you want more love, better health, more energy, more money, more prosperity. That is very natural, and you should want those things. You can have it. The beautiful truth is that there is an infinite source of supply.

“When you're dealing with infinite, you can never take more than your share” – Thomas Troward

Most believe that if you want a bigger piece of pie, someone had to get a smaller piece, but there is no pie here, we are dealing with creation and we can create a bigger pie. Everyone can have a bigger piece; everyone can have an increase in life-based upon Universal Laws.

One of those laws that goes hand in hand with the Law of Increase is the Law of Gratitude which basically states that the more grateful you are, the more you will receive to be grateful for. Praising abundance will manifest it into our lives.

Have you ever had someone condemn or criticize your efforts when you were given your best? Didn't you feel like quitting, letting someone else worry about it? Least of all, this experience suppressed your interest and your zeal. That is how we react when the law is reversed. Whereas when someone praises your efforts, you feel like expanding and doing better, trying harder to be more perfect. Your interest becomes greater because of that pleasure. And within your happiness, you bring happiness into your work and all around you.

When you send loving energy to your source of supply (The Universe), you are going to find that increase is just automatically going to happen. You are just going to receive more. Do you know that people that are successful in something have a difficult time differentiating between work and pleasure? That is because they love what they are doing. They are forever grateful for being able to do what they have chosen. The more you praise, what you are doing, or the people that are working with you, the more you are going to win. It has been proven that a failing business can be praised into success. When you put good into anything, good is going to come back.

Every great leader has been in complete unanimous agreement that we become what we think about. If you think negative thoughts, and if you are looking at the downside of things, condemning and criticizing everyone, what kind of a vibration are you in? If you are looking for the positive in everything, what happens? A child that is raised with criticism grows up very insecure person, however the child that is raised with praise grows up confident. The child that is raised with criticism usually struggles throughout their life. The child that is raised with praise goes on to become a great leader and noticeably confident. This is so obvious, it is true in plant life, it is true with money, and it is true with your friends. I guarantee you, when it comes to your friends, they are going to think better thoughts of you. They are going to be looking for what they can do for you.

Praise changes our observation, our whole outlook of life. In the past, we were in the habit of seeking our weaknesses, failings as well as our shortcomings. Now we see differently, praise changes your perception. You are using one of your higher faculties, called perception.

This works with plants, with animals, it works with all of life because that is intelligence and intelligence is omnipresent. We are talking about a power that is a hundred percent evenly present in all places at the same time, this power operates in a very exact way - It is by law.

It only makes sense that if praise works with people, plants, animals, it will work with all of life. To praise anything, we are must see the good in it. Look for the good, and then praise it. If you were looking to avoid the bad, you must not praise bad, criticize it, condemn it. If you focus on the negativity you are essentially praising it, causing you to feel bad, and feel sorry for yourself. But if you are using your perception to find the good in life, then it is going to become easy to praise it. Be grateful for it. Praise is the foundation governing the Law of Increase.

If you want to increase anything in your life, begin praising it. Be grateful for whatever you have received. I spoke about it in another article the “Law of Receiving”, you must be open to receiving it. You must be open, you must relax and you must praise everything in life.

To your success;
Lee M. Jenkins

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