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"The more aware of your intentions and your experiences you become, the more you will be able to connect the two, and the more you will be able to create the experiences of your life consciously. This is the development of mastery. It is the creation of authentic power."  -  Gary Zukav

Intentions are one of the missing keys for many people. What intentions do is increase the probability of certain things happening. Because the truth is every potentiality, everything exists now. The degree to which we experienced that, which we want will depend upon the intentions that we set.

Think of intentions like that of a declaration for what you want to experience in your life. So the way that reality works are that our thoughts are correlating with how we feel our emotions. So our thoughts, our feelings, and actions make up our vibration, and our vibration determines what we experience in our lives. We will always get a reality equal to that of the vibration we put out, which means how we think, how we feel, how we act. A big part of this has to do with intention because the intention is the direction we are going. So think of the intention as the momentum. The intention is a declaration to have, do, or be some way.

I get people who often ask me what the difference is between intention and desire. Desire is an emotion that says I want that, but vibrationally it is saying, I do not currently have that. And even though desire can sometimes move the energy. Especially when that desire is turned into intention, desire is not where the power is because many people just remain in the desire. I see this all the time, and perhaps you have as well with people attempting to apply the law of attraction. They want something, but they do not necessarily experience it unless they move the energy. They can move the energy with their emotion, which means they go from feeling lack to feeling more, bringing more of it into their experience.

The main difference between intention and desire is that intention is more of a declaration. It is more of an understanding that that is already yours. Whereas desire just remains as an emotion. Like if I have a desire right now to put up my hand, but I do not do it. There is no power in itself, but I have a desire. I might have the desire, but the intention is to realize the desire if I intend to do it. The intention is the realization and the declaration of it. When we think of desire, we think of trying, which implies struggle. Instead, if you intend to, you will experience more of it.

So think of it like this, what quantum physics shows us is that there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, and they all exist right now. And the same way that you may watch a movie, if you were to take the movie film strip and look at it, you will see individual frames. Even though the light that is going through the film projector may cause the film to appear to be one continuous stream, it is a series of unique frames in reality. And the same way, at the moment right now, you would also know that every single frame exists right now, the present moment. Understand that every parallel reality you could imagine exists right now in the present moment.

Now, what determines which realities we shift to, will depend upon our frequency. Our intention increases the probability. It is never the question, is this possible? The question is this probable? If you want to make something more probable, you set more intentions because intentions put the energy in that direction. The intention is that declaration and the realization of that experience. So set more intentions in your life, and your life will begin to change very powerfully because you will be increasing the potentiality and the probability of things happening. Your life will transform if you set more intentions because you increase the likelihood of those things happening versus just remaining.

Intention is about understanding the ego's desire and the win-lose situations. Now from that state of intention, there is the next step. The next step is a more expanded state of intention.

Set the intention to have fun, set the intention to increase your state of being, set the intention for it to be a win-win for everyone. If I go into my office and intend to add value to everyone, I know the byproduct of that energy is that better things will materialize for me. I would enter an excellent energy state, and I would not be as attached to the outcome. Something would happen for me, and this will work for you as well. You will find yourself constantly in the right place at the right time.

Test this every single day, start at zero every day. See the correlation between what you think of and what you experience when you add value to other people. I am confident that amazing things will happen, even if that value is just the emotion of feeling good. Test it for yourself, set the intention to add value to the people in your environment and watch how the people will feel this contagious energy off of you. People will want to be around you because your energy is expansive and infectious.

I travel, do speaking events, masterminds, and coaching programs that help people transform their lives. I am blessed to be able to do what I love to do. However, if I intend just to make money, the energy that goes into it becomes a lost win. Now, in general, I am in a personal development niche where my job is to add value to people. However, I can see the difference and feel the difference between if I make social media posts because I want it to get many views versus making that same post because I think it will add a lot of value. The first scenario becomes more of a lost win. Some people will get value from it, but it will not be as inclusive because it is about getting more views and subscribers. But if my intention is to add value to people, they will feel that vibration, and they will feel the authenticity. That is what I strive for. I always want people to feel that I have this intention to add value to them. Because I want to be known as somebody that adds so much value, and I am grateful that people can feel that. The result is that I get more views, followers, subscribers and coaching clients.

So set the intention to add value to other people. How could you do that? Even if it is just changing the state of being of other people. If you are in a sales commission job, see yourself as adding value to other people. If you are working in an hourly job somewhere, add value to the people you talk to, making them feel a little bit better. You will become invaluable, and you will create more opportunities for yourself.

So ask yourself what do you intend to accomplish, do not think about how it will happen, expect that all you intend for will materialize because it will once you are open to receiving it. Now let us take a look at what might be keeping you from tuning in to all the abundance the Universe has to offer.

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