The Power of a Mentor

Is it important to have a mentor? You can be extraordinarily successful without one and some people are, but I would not have accomplished anywhere near what I have accomplished without a mentor. I have had a few mentors and I can certainly claim that my life has changed dramatically because of it.

I went from going nowhere as a local bus driver to coaching people all over the world. If you want to win big, you want to find a mentor. It is almost like getting a direct link from their mind to your mind, where you gain all their wisdom, experience and all the studying that they have completed over many years. You get it all in a short period of time.

Are mentors important? Yes, mentors literally changed the course of my life. I was a very unhappy city bus driver, going nowhere in my life. There were very few days that went by when I was not thinking about doing something different. And then one day I met a gentleman that gave me a video program of a Bob Proctor seminar and not only did I believe I was just introduced to the holy grail, but I also realized, I wanted to do what this man is doing. This was a big change for me, and I am forever grateful.

It is extremely easy to get into a routine in life, to do the same thing over and over. I have come to learn that every day can be an exciting adventure, but we must make it that way. And to do that, we must be willing to stretch.

We must set aside limitations and follow our dream. My life had changed dramatically. I went from earning just enough to get by, to coaching amazing people all over the world. It caused me to think, how did all this happen? I was reading all the recommended books such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, and many more classics. But millions of people have read those books and studied this material and yet they were not achieving the same personal change or success that I was.

I ask myself, what was I doing different? I had been raised to believe if you are going to earn a lot of money, you needed to be a crook. For most of my life I believed success just was not possible as I could never see myself being a crook, I just did not have it in me to take advantage of others. I was also raised to believe if you do not get an education, you cannot win.

I did not go to college or university. I did graduate from high school, the idea of getting a higher education was never part of the conversation in my house. I do not want you to get the idea that I think school is not important, on the contrary I believe is especially important. Study and school as being almost sacred, I wish I were encouraged to attend.

I still was confused as to why I was seeing massive improvements in my life when others were not. I started to study and study and study. I was extremely curious; I spent many hours learning the reasons why. It took me years to make it all connect but that was after working with a phenomenal mentor (Bob Proctor). I realized that all I wanted to do for the rest of my life was to teach this material and that is what I have been doing.

With the understanding and awareness of this material, you can change everything in your life. In a matter of months! Many of us were raised with the idea that it takes a long time to accomplish something of importance, but the reality is that you can manifest great things in a short period time with the proper knowledge and guidance. As Bob Proctor said to us “You're going to need a telescope to look back and see where you're starting”, because you will not only learn why you are not doing what you really want to do, but then rapidly learn how to change that.

If you want to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. It is all out there ready for you to discover. Enlisting a mentor could be the decision that will change the rest of your life forever.

To your success!

Lee M. Jenkins