Vacuum Law of Prosperity

I think many of us have heard about Universal Laws especially The Law of Attraction. So I thought I would talk about an often-forgotten law called The Vacuum Law of Prosperity. And I’m going to start by asking you a question. 

Why is it that we hold on, so strongly, to old ideas or old things? No doubt that you will agree, this is an intriguing question. In fact, it is so intriguing, that if you were to ask a thousand different people the same question, you would probably get a thousand different answers. Almost all the answers would be dealing with the secondary causes, and not the primary cause of this problem. If you were to go directly to the primary cause of the problem, you would discover, that although it lies deep within everyone, it is virtually the same, for everyone.

The answer to the question would be as follows:

We hold on to old ideas and old things because we lack faith in our ability to obtain new ideas and new things.

This, of course, leads to a condition of insecurity, which stems, at its root, from an inability to understand who, and what, you are. A lack of awareness of your true relationship with the infinite power will always leave you with a distorted image of yourself.

You must reach the point where you realize that your “true self” knows no limits; that in truth, you are quite capable of having, doing, or being, virtually anything you desire to be. But when you fail to appreciate this basic truth, when you are honestly convinced that your supply is limited and that your real security lies in money or things, you’ll be afraid to try new things.

One of the fastest ways to manifest prosperity in your life is to create a vacuum.

This is referred to as The Vacuum Law of Prosperity. You are surrounded by good everywhere. The only lack is the lack in your mind. Open your mind to receive prosperity and you will attract it to fill the vacuum created.

This “Vacuum Law of Prosperity” not only applies to our physical world but also our mental domain. Whenever we wish to entertain new ideas, first be willing to “let go of,” or to challenge some of our old ones. Gaining a solid understanding of this universal law will be of great personal benefit to you. You are not working with specific individuals or with specific things; rather, you are dealing with an infinite power which operates in a very precise way.

Whenever we wish to receive anything new into our life, we must trigger the process by making room for it!

Put this vacuum law of prosperity to a very simple and practical test yourself. Take any ordinary item and set it on a table or your desk. Then ask yourself whether you can put anything elsewhere that item rests. The answer, of course, is that you cannot; at least, not until you remove the original item.

The identical principle is also applicable in the realm of ideas.

If you have one idea in your mind suggesting you should be travelling east, and then suddenly, another idea pops into your mind suggesting you should be travelling west, chances are you won't end up travelling in any direction essentially rendering yourself stuck. It's not possible to travel in both directions. It is essential that you “let go” of the one idea before you can move into action on the other. If you desire to receive something new, you must first make room eliminating something old. This is an ironclad law of life, and yet, you might encounter one person in a thousand who truly understands it. When you do encounter that one person in a thousand, you will see someone who not only lives in extreme comfort today but someone who is also moving ahead in life each day; and at a rapid rate of speed.

The Universe never expresses itself other than perfectly. Whatever imperfection exists, it is always the result of our individual or collective modes of thinking. It's not necessary to hold onto anything, “for fear of losing it.” You will never truly enjoy anything you must hold on to, freedom from all negative areas of your life is essential if you are to grow into your true self. Energy must flow through you freely without any obstructions if you are to manifest the good you desire.

Implement the Vacuum Law of Prosperity to the test in your own life and you will find that the law works every time - it never fails

When you reflect upon your life and career, what do you want to say?

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