Excerpt from "Abundance Tuning" book

In our quest to understand the concept of Abundance Tuning, we must become aware that we are accessing the building blocks of creation one hundred percent of the time. No matter your understanding of these truths, the increased awareness you will develop through this book's concepts may surprise you with the sudden appearance of every good you desire.

What if you are not receiving creation? What if you have created everything you see all the time, every moment of every day? What if you are not the receiver of experiences but the Creator of experiences? What if you are the Creator, and you are the one giving everything its form? What if everything in your world is your manifestation? This concept may be entirely new for you, but although it may seem to be a radical approach, the fact is that you have never, ever received anything. You have always manifested every moment in your adult life. You have always been the Creator in your world. Whether you were aware or not, you alone decided what this moment in time consists of and how it will appear.

Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." - Genesis 1:26

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