The Law of Receiving

I have been studying personal development for around 30 years now and I have also had the privilege to work with people around the world through my coaching program. I tell people if the program you are studying does not have a spiritual foundation to it, it is incomplete. Studying the Laws of the Universe is part of the spiritual foundation you should be seeking, and, in this article, I am going to discuss one of those laws, the Law of Receiving.

Let us start by understanding something I read, “those who seek a greater life with getting as their objective does not seek life in trueness of spirit.” In other words, they are going to have problems.

We reason that we must get before we can give causing us to walk in the same old mental rut as before. It is our lack of understanding, that causes us to leave the “getting” first idea foremost in our thoughts.

When getting becomes dominant, our mind enters a paralyzed conditioned state becoming limited in its action in accordance with the fundamental Law of Creation. You must willingly give and graciously receive.

Understand that this entire universe is based on the law that you must keep the energy circulating. You are merely a terminal which energy flows to and through. We are here to do the work of the Divine Will or God’s Will if you prefer. It is that connection, it is that flow of energy where creation is formed.

When you activate ideas in your mind you send off a charge of energy, your brain will take on an equal amount of energy of a like nature. For example, if you send out a negative thought, your brain is going to take on an equal amount of negative energy, however, when you send out a positive thought, your brain is going to take on an equal amount of positive energy. You will attract to you “like” energy, good or bad. This is extremely basic and yet it is surprisingly misunderstood. It is crucial to understand that you are constantly creating your life; you are constantly sending out a message. You are constantly shaping the image in the mirror that reflects you. So, you need to be mindful of what you are sending out! Check-in with yourself from time to time, what are you thinking right now? Are your thoughts causing you to receive what you do not want?

To get a handle on your vibrational thinking and move it towards positive energy, we must learn to be relaxed. If we are going to manifest and receive positive outcomes in our lives, we must be able to put ourselves in a totally relaxed state and learn to operate with understanding and awareness. We must place ourselves in a state the leaves us open to receive the good we desire.. You are constantly shaping the image in the mirror that reflects you.

I am not suggesting this is going to happen overnight or simply by reading this article, but it will happen if you continue to read it repeatedly, something is going to click within you. I have found through the repetition of new information, our perception of life changes and changes dramatically.

Perception enables us to see life in many ways. As we increase our awareness, our perception of life changes. Realize that everything we are seeking is seeking us. We have must be open to the good that we are looking for in our lives. We must understand that the only way to receive the good we desire is to give.

If you cause someone you meet to feel good about themselves, you are going to feel good in return because it is all hooked together. You cannot separate them. It is the flip side of the coin. Before we can receive, we must give.

Many will state “how can I give if I haven't got it”, but you have got it. You simply give what you do have, your time, your energy, your loyalty, your knowledge, your money, keep giving it what you do have, and you will continue to receive more.

As I have already mentioned, to open ourselves up to receive, we must find ourselves in a relaxed state. When we relax and tune out the challenges in life, the law has a chance to reply to our desires and that is when things begin to change for us.

We see it often in trivial things such as books, clothing, invitations, or a desire to see a certain friend, you set out a thought or a desire and then we go about life and forget about it. The next thing you know you have the book presented to you, you received an invitation; you are walking down the street and bumped into the friend that you desired to meet, this happens all the time.

Why? Because by your thoughts you are sending out a vibration, energy, and by way of The Law of Receiving, we are going to receive back something of like energy. Giving and receiving are all tied together. They are not separate. You've must be open to receive, but you will only be open to receive when you truly understand the concept of giving. This is an orderly universe and energy is forever moving in the direction of like energy.

Your life is complete right now. It may not be complete with what you want, but your life is complete. What you have in your life reflects what you have been giving. And if you want the greater good, you have got to give a greater good. The more good we send out, the more good we're going to receive. Receiving is governed by law and the basic law behind it is in giving. As you give you receive! You will never need to worry about what you are going to receive.

We must willingly give and graciously receive. Willingly giving is an expression of faith, but it is not blind faith. It is faith-based on an understanding of these laws. As you study this Law of Receiving, think of who you can give to, what you can give, where you can give, and then go give the absolute best you have and in return, you will receive the best the universe has to offer. It is sitting there waiting for you to receive it if you are open.