Real People, Real Results

"I want to say thank you Lee M. Jenkins for the session. It was amazing and opened up my eyes and my mind to a higher level of understanding and vibration. It’s such a wonderful experience how you could read me and hit the bull eye in a few minutes. Sometimes we need the right person at the right time to remind us how worthy we are, it’s a wonderful feeling to think big! Thank you so much for this experience with you. Let’s start a new chapter in my book of life." - Karin Gatternig, Austria *****

“Lee is a phenomenal coach, mentor, and friend. Since 2015 I've been working with him, and as a result have pursued my passions and overcome many fears by quitting my full-time job, starting my own business, and self-publishing the Black Words Matter Chatbook. I look forward to continued success and personal growth!!” - Mckenna Bowden, USA *****

“No matter how successful or well you are, you know you can still do better. Lee’s material will enrich, inspire and push you to do more. His wisdom, experience, and knowledge will challenge, stretch and help get you to the next level. This remarkable work will enrich your understanding of the value of following a scientifically proven process for becoming successful.” - Rich Arriaga, USA *****

"This is an amazing program! Lee guided me through my darkest days and helped me see the light with his knowledge and wisdom to inspire with such compassion empathy, persistence, understanding, and above all patience. Lee M. Jenkins is an incredible mentor and I am so very lucky to call him my friend." - Cristina O'Connell, Ireland *****

"There are few people that I ‘ let in’ and know the real me, but Lee had a way of tapping into who I really am and helped me to get over myself and move forward into the life that I always dreamed of but never knew how to reach. I am forever grateful for his guidance and friendship!” - Rhonda Cooper, USA *****

“I used to settle for things and struggled with anxiety and fear. Lee and his Personal Power Principles changed my life in so many ways! Through his coaching, I was able to develop my mindset and earned the confidence to quit my ordinary job and to pursue my goals. Now, I live the life of my dreams working in the entertainment industry. I’m a happier, healthier, and more courageous person and it is all due to the Personal Power Principles and Lee’s guidance. He has given me the understanding and belief that I can accomplish anything and that we all live a life of abundance.” - Erik Hjortnaes, USA *****

"I couldn’t see who I was before. I didn’t understand. But in following Lee’s program and techniques a profound change has occurred in my personality, my feelings, expression towards others and my outlook on life so much so that my goals for the future have taken a new path I never imagined possible. I’m on another life journey now and having fun creating a new me, changing all the bad habits¬ that have hindered and held me back all of my life. How fantastic is that? Eternal gratitude Lee.” - Judy Grayson, United Kingdom *****

“To our friend Lee Jenkins we are very grateful for the absolute patience, kindness & knowledge you displayed while mentoring us. You helped us to open our minds and harness the endless possibilities available to us which we will be forever grateful. You are a true inspiration-thank you.” - Martin & Cathy Keighery, Ireland *****  

"I have been working with Lee M. Jenkins lately and because of his Personal Power Principals program, my life has been turning around. I have learned a whole new way of looking at life and life is good!” - Maureen Macdonald, Canada *****  

“Over the past year, I have made several positive changes in my life through coaching with Lee. He has helped me to discover exactly what was holding me back from achieving the success I desire. My self-esteem and confidence have improved. My coaching business was made possible through his coaching and mentoring. If you are ready to take charge, Lee is a wonderful coach to have on your journey.” - Kofi K. Ababio, USA *****  

“How could I move forward when I had no idea what ideas or hidden beliefs were holding me back? When I started coaching with Lee, these started to become clear. Now, because I can see what they are, I can start to develop new beliefs that serve me today. We all owe it to ourselves to live the best life ever. Thanks, Lee!” - Sandra Grant, Canada *****  

“Having worked with Lee was one of the best decisions I have made. It has truly opened my mind to what is possible. Since beginning the coaching, I have found new and better employment, started in a new, part-time business, and am about to get a new business of my own. I have begun to see things in a much more positive way and it is getting better each and every day. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone since you never realize how much your mind really plays the part in holding you back from the possibilities which are endless once you hone in on what can be.” - John Lamb, USA *****  

“By joining training sessions with Lee Jenkins, I had a weekly accountability session that pushed me to levels of being uncomfortable. The training focused me on raising my thermometer for personal perseverance which is now the norm. It also focused me to go after the things I want to accomplish and not settle for old paradigms and habits. This training allows me to move my needle towards an enormous vision daily.” - Khang Martin, USA *****

  “Lee not only has a lot of knowledge about the mind and how our paradigms affect our results, he truly cares about each of his clients! He possesses a sincere appreciation, love, and understanding for all those he works with. I’m grateful I made the decision to go on this journey with him!” - Brett Sampson, USA *****